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Mijas Fire Brigade has new resque equipment

  • El servicio de Bomberos de Mijas cuenta con un nuevo equipo de excarcelación de altas prestaciones.

The department has also acquired a mattress and a rescue boat

The Mijas Fire Brigade has a new high performance rescue equipment. The councillor responsible for the area, Francisco Jerez (PP), and the sergeant of the service, Manuel Morales, presented the new equipment on Thursday 4th. 

  • El servicio de Bomberos Mijas también ha incorporado una embarcación de rescate hidrológico, esta vez con una inversión de 5.000 euros.

The new rescue equipment required an investment of 85,000 euros. It is an essential tool to perform rescues in situations of traffic accidents and other emergencies. “There was already one, but it was cable operated and this new one is battery operated, it is very versatile and the most advanced on the market”, said Jerez, while Morales assured that “it gives us autonomy, versatility and operability. It is a device that does not need any type of connection, no hose, or anything else. It is powered by an electric battery and allows access to any place”. 

  • El nuevo equipamiento se completa con un colchón neumático de rescate, de 5x5 metros de superficie y una altura de 2,3 metros.

The equipment has four tools: a spreader, a shear (which cuts very resistant materials), a second smaller cutter for elements such as cables or iron and hydraulic ram (which expands the pieces to create openings to enter or exit). These tools are mainly used when people have to be rescued. “In a traffic accident, for example, there are people trapped and we have to get them out; and we see that the best way is to get them out through the roof, so we cut the frames and remove the roof, or we remove a seat, anything can be cut or separated by these tools”, explained Morales. With the incorporation of this tool, the Fire Brigade also has two vehicles with extrication equipment, which will make it possible to respond to several accidents at the same time or to attend with more means in the event of a multiple accident. 

  • El concejal delegado del área, Francisco Jerez, y el sargento del servicio, Manuel Morales, han presentado este jueves los nuevos medios.

Mattress and boat

A hydrological rescue boat has also been acquired, this time with an investment of 5,000 euros. “It is a white water boat for floods that is controlled by ropes on both sides of a stream or river, and is ready to be loaded onto a vehicle and run away”, explained Francisco Jerez. 

The new equipment is completed with a pneumatic rescue mattress, with a surface area of 5x5 metres and a height of 2.3 metres. The investment in this case is 13,000 euros. “It is something that we had pending, because although it is something that fortunately does not happen very often, at some point there may be a suicide attempt or a fire and we have to save someone”, Morales pointed out. 

With these acquisitions, Jerez pointed out, “Mijas reaffirms its commitment to the safety and well-being of its residents” and added that “we will continue working to cover the needs of these professionals”.

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