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Mijas is waving its four blue flags and nine Q for Quality

  • La alcaldesa de Mijas, Ana Mata, el concejal de Playas, Daniel G. Teruel, y otros miembros del equipo de gobierno junto a representantes del sector hotelero o playas.

The awards legitimise the excellent state of the water, environmental management, safety, information and accessibility of the Mijas coastline

The hoisting of the blue flag, fortunately, is happening one more summer in Mijas. On Thursday 4th, on the beach of Calahonda-Royal Beach-La Luna, the mayoress of the town, Ana Mata (PP), was in charge of performing this gesture. In this way, the colour blue is once again visible on the beaches of Mijas. One flag can be found in this area and the others on the beaches of El Bombo, El Chaparral and La Cala, in total “four flags that certify that our beaches have the best quality conditions and that we can enjoy them with complete safety”, said the mayoress.

  • Imagen de las banderas ondeando en la playa de Calahonda-Royal Beach-La Luna.

In addition to the four blue flags, there are also the nine Q for Quality flags, which are part of the awards that distinguish our coastline and make Mijas the second municipality in the province of Malaga with the highest number of this emblem. “We are not going to stop here, we are going to keep moving forward so that we have many more flags and to maintain those nine Q of quality. We are facing the challenges that the citizens are demanding from us so that Mijas continues to be a quality destination in terms of beaches and tourist options”, added the mayoress.

  • La alcaldesa de Mijas izando la bandera azul.

These flags are awarded to Mijas after meeting demanding standards in terms of water quality control, environmental management, safety, information and accessibility of the coastline. Behind these flags, there is a lot of work in which different staff from the Beaches, Environment, Cleanliness and Security departments are involved. “This involves the work of many people, such as the lifeguards, who are now guarding our beach so that everything is in perfect condition, or the police on bicycles who also ensure compliance with the ordinance”, said Mata.

  • La regidora izando la bandera Q de Calidad.

Beach bars, key to the beaches

The Association of Beach Entrepreneurs was also pleased with the award of these flags, as stated by the Mijas delegate, Carlos Morales, who said: “How many towns have nine flags on a 12 kilometre beach? Moreover, they are difficult beaches, many of them are complicated to access or to keep clean, here everything is carried out by hand, because the machinery, the tractors can’t get there, and all the work is done by people. That demonstrates the good work carried out by the Town Hall, I think”. This is, of course, complemented by their work, the work of the beach bars and the service they offer, “a service for tourists who come here, because why would you want to spend a beautiful day on the beach if you can’t have a ‘tinto de vernao’, a Victoria beer from Málaga or a sardine skewer?”, said Morales joking.

Evaluation of Aehcos

From the hotel sector, the vice-president of Aehcos for Mijas, Juan Miguel Marcos, assured that these flags should be taken into account in their forecasts, in which they consider that Mijas will be the most visited town in Malaga in July, with an hotel occupancy rate that could exceed 92.5 per cent, compared to the 86 per cent average in the province. “Mijas has many attractions and the beach is one of them. We cannot forget that in addition to mountains, in addition to trails, in addition to many other things, the beach, especially in summer, is one of the key elements that attract tourists, and a Q for Quality or a Blue Flag is one of the best guarantees that the figures will continue to be as good as those we are having this summer”, he said.

Other awards

In addition to these emblems, the Mijas Blue Trail and the Blue Centre certificate, given to the Watchtower Interpretation Centre of the Torreón in La Cala, have also been awarded.

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