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Summer schools have started in the municipality with 1,500 students enrolled

  • The Department for Social Inclusion in Mijas has organised summer camps in eight schools

Aunque el curso escolar finalizó el pasado 21 de junio, hoy los centros vuelven a abrir sus puertas para iniciar las escuelas de verano.

La concejala de Inclusión Social, Melisa Ceballos, en su visita a la escuela de verano del colegio Virgen de la Peña.

Son muchos los colegios que imparten escuelas de verano para así poder dar servicio a las familias que las demandan.

Nosotros hemos visitado esta mañana el colegio Virgen de la Peña donde convivirán 150 niños durante el mes de julio.

In some of the centres, specialised staff have been hired to attend to children with special educational needs

Although the school year ended on June 21st, yesterday the schools reopened their doors to start the summer camps. We have visited the school Virgen de la Peña where 150 children will coexist during the month of July. In total, in Mijas, about 1,500 children will spend their summer in the schools. Every summer, the people in charge of the summer schools set themselves the challenge of ensuring that the students who participate in them come to school with enthusiasm. This is achieved by offering a very different programme compared to the academic year. "To begin with, you don't have a timetable, we open at 9 hours and you can come whenever you get up. Although we have lessons, it's not the same as during the school year", said the president of the Iberia school association, Laura Gallardo.

In the case of the Virgen de la Peña school, this year the proposal goes hand in hand with sports. "This year, we are proposing to do the Olympics but not with the sports that are done in the Olympic Games, but we are going to do all handicrafts in order to work a lot on psychomotor skills", added Gallardo.

Many schools offer summer camps to meet the needs of the families. In total, some 1,500 children are already enjoying their summer camps. "We have eight schools, there is another one that we do not manage which is the Indira Gandhi, but the rest are managed by us during July and August", said the councillor for Social Inclusion, Melisa Ceballos (PP).

The schools offering summer camps this year are El Albero, Los Campanales, Las Cañadas, Tamixa, María Zambrano and Virgen de la Peña, in Las Lagunas; and in La Cala, there are El Olmo and El Chaparral. As for the timetable, all of them have a broad schedule that can be adapted to every need. "They have different schedules from seven o'clock in the morning to four in the afternoon. They have a morning class and  meal time as well as some time allowed for family members to come and pick them up", added Ceballos.

In addition, the Social Inclusion department has considered hiring professionals trained to attend to children with special educational needs.

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