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Mijas, ready to celebrate San Juan, the shortest, but most entertaining night of the year

  • Associations, groups and local businesses will be involved in this celebration
  • It will be held both in the village and in La Cala with live music and the traditional burning of the júas, which will be the focus of the programme

La alcaldesa Ana Mata acompañada de ediles de su equipo de gobierno y representantes de asociaciones y empresarios

Ana Mata junto a los ediles Silvia Marín, Juan Carlos Cuevas Dawson, Francisco Jerez y el jefe de la Policía Local de Mijas durante la presentación

Las vecinas caleñas que cada año crean los júas

El representante de los chiringuitos, el jefe de Bomberos Mijas y un miembro de Protección Civil

Representantes de la Asociación de Jóvenes de La Cala

Mata charla con el jefe de la Policía Local de Mijas

The Town Hall has designed special services for cleaning, fire brigade, Local Police and Civil Protection

Mijas is ready to enjoy one of the most magical nights of the year: the Night of San Juan. For this event the local government team, led by the Department for Festivities and Traditions, has worked to ensure that the 23rd of June is the shortest, but most enjoyable night of the year. The programme of activities will take place both in the town itself and in La Cala, this was announced by the mayoress of Mijas, Ana Mata (PP), who presented the programme on Wednesday 19th in El Torreón square, accompanied by the councillor for Festivities and Traditions, Silvia Marín (PP), the councillor for Local Police, Juan Carlos Cuevas Dawson (Vox), the councillor for Fire and Civil Protection, Francisco Jerez (Vox), the heads of the Local Police and Fire Mijas, representatives of the beach bars, the Youth Association of La Cala and the neighbours who for 45 years have been creating the 'júas' (dolls representing popular charactersthat) that are burned on the beach.

Mata stated that "the Night of San Juan is a magical night that marks the beginning of the summer season and that Mijas, as a coastal municipality, lives very intensely. From the Town Hall we wanted to propose a programme in line with our proposal of 'Mijas with soul' because, in this type of traditions and events, is where the soul of the municipality is shown. All this without forgetting and calling on the responsibility of the citizens in terms of fire prevention and civic behaviour. Obviously, there is a planned deployment for cleaning and security so that the celebration can be carried out with total guarantees".

The councillor for Festivities said that "live music will start at 21:00 in the two urban centres. In the village the group Latidos will perform, while in La Cala Alboreá will be the group in charge of livening up the day; from 00:30 hours, the coastal district will also enjoy live music by DJ Berny Anut". 

Just at midnight will be the traditional burning of the júas. In the case of the village, it will be the Hermandad del Dulce Nombre de Jesús Nazareno who will be in charge of it, while in La Cala it will be the locals Pepa Jarillo, Obdulia Ibáñez, María Rodríguez, Carmen Arroyo and Tere Vega who will be responsible for carrying it out and who this year have chosen the zoo as the central theme, as the neighbours themselves stated.

Likewise, the beach bars in Mijas will have their own programme with musical performances to liven up what is the shortest night of the year.

The bars will be placed in the Plaza Virgen de la Peña in Mijas Pueblo and in the Plaza de El Torreón in La Cala. Paula Moreno, president of the Youth Association of La Cala, said that "we are going to set up the bar, we are going to offer drinks and food for the locals and tourists and give that atmosphere to the event".

Special security and cleaning services

As detailed by the mayoress, the festivity will also have preventive measures. To this end, both in La Cala and in the town, there will be a fire brigade in each centre to prevent any incident during the burning of the "júas".

In addition to this, there will also be a security unit made up of almost twenty local police officers who will ensure the correct development of the day, with special attention to the prevention of unauthorised bonfires. There will also be officers on bicycles to optimise surveillance and access to the entire coastline. Civil Protection will deploy nine volunteers.

Once the party is over, it will be the turn of the cleaning teams. The special San Juan team is made up of 120 workers and five tractors, two rotating machines and two sieving machines, which will start the collection work at 03:00 hours. At 06:00 hours, the team will start cleaning by hand, changing litter bins and cleaning the toilets so that when the first swimmers arrive, everything will be in perfect condition.

It should also be noted that the 17 toilet modules will remain open all night.

A really special night in which all parts of Mijas society will participate to make it magical.

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