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Mijas supports AVOI so that 70 children with cancer can walk the Camino de Santiago

  • The Avoi Solidarity Walk took place on Sunday 16th of June in La Cala de Mijas
  • Half a thousand participants were registered for this charity event which took place along the Coastal Path
  • Unos 200 participantes formaron parte de la caminata solidaria el pasado domingo.

The children, together with their families, will complete the Sarriá-Santiago stretch between the 22nd and the 30th of June

Around 70 children with cancer will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience between the 22nd and 30th of June together with their families, thanks to AVOI and the solidarity of so many people from Malaga who, with their donations, will make this expedition to the Camino de Santiago possible. An activity that will have all the health guarantees, since at all times, the little participants will have the attention of the head of the ICU of the Materno, the oncopediatrician, ICU and oncology nurses, a haematologist, three physiotherapists and a group of volunteers, who will make the journey between Sarriá and Santiago (115 km) more comfortable and safe. "This trip for the children is therapeutic, it is the doctors who propose us to take the children to the Camino, because for them it is totally beneficial, they forget about their pathology, their treatment, and the only objective they have is to go to the Camino", said the physiotherapist from Mijas and Avoi volunteer, Gema Ibáñez.

Mijas wanted to support this expedition by sponsoring the AVOI Solidarity Walk on Sunday 16th of June, through the Health Department of the Mijas Town Hall, together with the Rotary Club and local businesses. "We would like to thank all the participants and companies who have collaborated, who have been here supporting this good and necessary cause", declared the councillor for Health, Marco Cortés (PP). 

For his part, the first deputy mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Cuevas (Vox), said that associations such as AVOI "should receive much more help, because there is nothing more painful than seeing a child in hospital".

The deputy mayor of La Cala, Juan Carlos Maldonado (PMP), declared that "it is worth collaborating so that children can do the Camino de Santiago". 

  • En el centro, el concejal de Sanidad, junto al teniente de alcalde de La Cala,y el primer teniente de alcalde de Mijas.

Also present were the popular councillors Mari Francis Alarcón and Daniel Gómez Teruel, who joined the 200 participants who completed the 5 kilometre route along the Mijas coastline. 

Collaborating companies such as the Restaurant 'El granaíno' and participants such as Inma Arroyo pointed out the importance of this type of solidarity initiative. "It is important to always be there and participate in everything we can because these children deserve it", said Charo García from 'El granaíno' restaurant.

The Rotary Club, at the end of this solidarity walk, which took place along the coastal path, offered the participants a plate of paella. 

Other events

AVOI said that they continue to work on other events to raise funds for the different activities organised by the association to make life easier for hospitalised children. In this sense, the coordinator of volunteers, Antonio Cristóbal Ruano, indicated that "we will be present at the fair in Caleta de Vélez this coming weekend, we will also be there during the celebration of the Virgen del Carmen, and in August, we will have a stand at the Malaga Fair". 

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