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Caracolillo de Cádiz leads the poster of the Festival Flamenco Plaza Abajo

  • Antonio Higuero will accompany this cantaor (flamenco singer) on guitar
  • The event will also feature Sandra Cisneros dancing, Francis Bonela and José Manuel Fernández on vocals and Carlos Haro on guitar.
  • El concejal de Cultura, Juan Carlos Maldonado, junto a dos vocales de la Peña Flamenca el Pitero en la presentación este lunes del festival en la Casa Museo.

The peña El Pitero is organising the event, which will take place this Saturday 22nd, in the Plaza de La Constitución in Mijas Pueblo, at 21:30

Esteban Guerrero, grandson of Caracol de Cádiz, hence his stage name, Caracolillo de Cádiz, arrives to Mijas. He does so thanks to the efforts of the Peña Flamenca El Pitero, which after two years of activity in the municipality, has managed to get this artist, a great flamenco artist with over 30 years of experience, to head the programme of its second festival, the Festival Flamenco Plaza Abajo. "Caracolillo is really popular and for us it's a challenge to bring someone like him, it's not easy", said Antonio Alarcón, member of the peña El Pitero, at the presentation of the event this Monday at the Folks Museum in Mijas Pueblo. 

Caracolillo de Cádiz has an important track record. He won the Premio Nacional Memorial Camarón de la Isla in 2007 and La Silla de Oro in Leganés in 2016, when he also won the Premio Nacional Antonio Mairena. "Bringing Caracolillo de Cádiz is an achievement, because, in fact, he was at the Torre del Cante last weekend, it's very good, and to have managed to bring him ourselves is important", added the also vocalist Juan Miguel Madueño. 

On Saturday, from half past nine in the evening, Caracolillo de Cádiz will perform at the Festival Flamenco Plaza Abajo. The cantaor will be accompanied by Antonio Higuero on guitar and the 'palmas' of Luis de Pijote and Manuel Vinaza. The event will also feature dancing, with Sandra Cisneros, who will be accompanied by Francis Bonela and José Manuel Fernández on vocals. Carlos Haro from Mijas will be on guitar.


This is the first activity organised this year by the peña for the public, although the group, made up of more than 30 members, is determined to continue promoting flamenco. To this end, they have the support of the Mijas Town Hall. This was stated by the Councillor for Culture, Juan Carlos Maldonado (PMP), who stressed that "we are there to support our culture, flamenco and, especially, this peña, El Pitero de Mijas, which does extraordinary work for flamenco; it is not easy to get started, although they have been going for almost two years, and the truth is that we have to thank them for their involvement and for this festival, which they are organising for the second time".

The departments for Culture, Festivities and Operational Services are collaborating in the organisation of this event which, as the experts say, no flamenco lover should miss. "I invite everyone to come to the Plaza de Abajo on the 22nd of June at 21:30, because it will be a great event with leading figures and, above all, also because of the effort and affection that our peña El Pitero has put into this event and which deserves a response from the people of Mijas", added the councillor.



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