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Paddle tennis to support two solidarity initiatives

160 jugadores se dieron cita en esta tercera edición.

Apoyo del equipo de gobierno, del Club Cerrado del Águila a Afesol.

Pareja de jugadores durante el desarrollo del torneo.

La edil de Deportes, Mari Francis Alarcón, también acudió a esta cita solidaria.

Pareja de jugadores durante el desarrollo del torneo.

Miembros de Duchenne España y del Club Raquetas de Mijas

Durante el torneo también se sortearon regalos entre los jugadores participantes.

Desde la asociación agradecieron la colaboración y asistencia de los jugadores.

Two solidarity tournaments to support the research against Duchenne muscular dystrophy and the association Apafer

Last weekend was full of solidarity sports. On the one hand, the third paddle tennis tournament in aid of Afesol was held at the Cerrado del Águila Club, in which 160 athletes participated.

This event, which aimed to raise funds to build the sheltered housing project in Mijas, was attended by a large number of enthusiasts. The president of Afesol, Cristian González, announced that "the next event in aid of Afesol will be celebrated by the end of June, the final party of the Punto Danza programme, which will take place in the Manuel España Theatre, in Las Lagunas".

Both the Cerrado del Aguila Club and The Town Hall showed their support to the association. As the councillor for sports, Mari Francis Alarcón, explained, "from the Town Hall we promote the event, then the Cerrado del Águila offers the facilities and takes care of the inscriptions, while the rest is handled by Afesol’’.

For his part, the manager of the paddle and golf club, Jesus Marquet, pointed out that "we have been collaborating with Afesol for a long time, giving classes and supporting their social commitment".

On the other hand, the weekend also saw the celebration of the fifth edition of the charity tournament against Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the most common disease diagnosed during childhood. A total of 134 players took part in this tournament held at the Club Raquetas de Mijas. 

As explained by a volunteer of the group Desafía Duchenne Mijas-Fuengirola, Alicia Macías, "the group carries out different charity events with the aim of raising as much money as possible to support families and research against the rare disease Duchenne".  

In addition, more than 140 companies in the area have collaborated with the organisation by donating prizes and gifts for the winners. The Mijas Town Hall values this type of initiative and the support they receive, as Alarcón explained, "the help they receive is very important, both from Raquetas Mijas, who lend the facilities, and from volunteers and sponsors". 

From Duchenne Spain they have already announced the dates for next year's competition, the sixth Duchenne Challenge, which will take place from the 4th to the 6th of April. So you know... write it down in your calendar. 


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