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Sábado 22/06/2024


From the 1st of June the use of fire in forest areas is prohibited

  • The circulation of motor vehicles is also prohibited in these areas and areas of forest influence
  • La prohibición afecta tanto a las quemas agrícolas y restos de vegetales como a la preparación de alimentos en las barbacoas, incluso en las áreas recreativas.

The measure will be in force until the 15th of October, period of high risk of forest fires

During the period of high risk of forest fires, i.e. from June 1st to October 15th, the use of fire and the circulation of motor vehicles is prohibited in forest areas and areas of forest influence, land located in a 400-metre strip around these areas. The restriction applies both to agricultural burning and vegetable waste and to the preparation of food on barbecues, including in recreational areas. The Junta de Andalucía, through the Department for the Presidency, has announced the measure. 

It is permitted, with prior authorisation from the Government delegation of the corresponding province, to cook food in children's camps and to use distillation boilers, charcoal ovens. Likewise, barbecues are also permitted in tourist accommodation establishments and in rural restaurants if, in both cases, are previously authorised to do so.

Transit of motor vehicles 

Regarding the transit of motor vehicles, among the few cases considered exceptional are, for example, the use of right of way, emergency services and forest fire fighting, as well as authorised ecotourism activities. 

The Junta recalls that the last week of May "has been marked by a significant temperature increase, which has had a negative impact on vegetation water, which is more susceptible to fire". In addition, the rainfall recorded in March has led to the proliferation of fine fuels (grasses), which are a source of ignition for the flames. The regional government is urging citizens to collaborate "actively", reporting any sighting of smoke by calling 112 in order to cooperate in getting the fire-fighting teams up and running as quickly as possible. They also call for ‘prudence and responsibility’ on citizens during their stay in the natural environment, asking them to adopt a "responsible" attitude when they are in contact with the forest mass. The aim is to avoid fires that could endanger urban centres, nature and the fire-fighting teams themselves. "Ninety-five percent of forest fires are caused by man, either by negligence, accident or intentionality", the Junta de Andalucía said in a statement.  


So far in 2024, the Infoca system has intervened in a total of 85 forest fires in the Andalusian territory. Of these, 87.06% have been attempts (74) and 12.94% have been fires (11). In terms of the area burnt, 698.04 hectares were burnt, of which 4.52 hectares were wooded and the rest was occupied by scrubland.

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