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Jueves 23/05/2024


Mijas finalises the preparation of its beaches for Easter Week

  • The whole area of El Bombo, which two weeks ago lost a large amount of sand due to the strong waves, has been recovered in time

Tanto la alcaldesa Ana Mata como el edil de Playas, Daniel Gómez Teruel, supervisaron hoy los últimos trabajos de acondicionamiento del litoral.

La playa de El Bombo ha recibido un aporte de 25.000 metros cúbicos de arena.

Despite the damage caused by the storm of March 9th, municipal workers and collaborating companies have managed to condition the entire coastline of Mijas

Little by little, the beaches of Mijas are back to their usual state after being affected by the last sea front, last Saturday morning, 9th of March. Thanks to the efforts of municipal workers and collaborating companies, which these days have doubled schedules and machinery, even on weekends, "we have complied and we have achieved that the beaches are in the best conditions", said on Thursday the mayoress of Mijas, Ana Mata (PP).

The area where most work has been done over the last few days has been the beach of El Bombo that, among its main improvements, has received a contribution of 25,000 cubic metres of sand. "Initially, we had 30,000 cubic metres so we will put some sand on the beach of Los Cordobeses, where the breakwaters were exposed by the strong waves, and it is always good to have a reserve of sand for what may happen, so that we do not suffer the same again if similar weather circumstances occur", explained councillor of Beaches, Daniel Gomez Teruel (PP).

Also regarding the beach of El Bombo, the mayoress said that "the enormous effort made by the municipal workers will also allow the beach bar Nacho Playa, which suffered significant damage because of this storm, to open its doors these days with almost total normality". 

The Department of Beaches has also emphasised these days in the relocation of walkways and furniture along the entire coastline of Mijas, in the hope that the sea gives a break, at least during Easter. "It seems that we will have a storm again, but this time it will be from the east, and that usually benefits the coast of Mijas, so we will have a half-clear week, half cloudy, but surely very good", said Mata. 

In this sense, the councillor for Beaches announced that "from this weekend the lifeguard team will be working, with up to 78 staff at full capacity, so that both residents and visitors can enjoy our beaches with all their services".  

Just remember that, as established by the fourth drought decree of the Junta de Andalucía, the showers on the beaches will not be operational. For the rest, the coast of Mijas will face Easter in the best conditions, said Mata, "in fact, the Asociación de Empresarios de Hoteles de la Costa del Sol (Association of Hotel Businessmen of the Costa del Sol), Aehcos, has advanced that Mijas will have an average occupancy of 83 percent, a fact that places the municipality as one of the most demanded in the province to enjoy this holiday period".

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