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Jueves 07/12/2023


An incident with an electricity post was the possible cause of the fire

  • The evacuation of the residents of the area and the protection of their homes were the priority of all the teams

According to the Mijas Fire Department, a malfunction in a power transformer may have caused the fire, which forced the eviction of 300 residents

It was a call from the local police that alerted Bomberos Mijas, who quickly went to the scene of the fire. This is what the head of the Mijas Fire Brigade, Francisco Mérida, told the magazine 'Mijas Today' yesterday morning, who stated that "at four o'clock in the morning, a call was received from the Local Police warning that there was a fire in the area of Los Condes due to a problem with an electrical post". Therefore, a malfunction in this installation may be the cause of the fire, which has burnt 250 hectares of land. 

On arriving there and " seeing the proximity to the mountains and the adverse weather conditions", Mérida added, they activated more units, including Infoca and the fire brigades of the nearby municipalities, who immediately went to the affected area. 

In total, on Sunday, there were about 250 agents who worked in the extinguishing work, a task, highlighted the councillor for the Mijas Fire Brigade, Juan Carlos Cuevas (Vox), worthy of praise because " all the fire fighters did an exceptional job, both those of Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Marbella, of course, of Mijas, who gave their all, took great risks, as did the drivers of the Operational Services water tankers who assisted them".

Evacuating people and protecting the houses, they point out, was the main objective of this device, which managed to avoid personal injury, but, as Cuevas points out, it does highlight the need to improve the resources of the Mijas Fire Brigade, whose staff, practically the entire team, was involved in this fire, working for more than 20 hours at a time. "There is still a lot of work to be done, such as revising the vehicles and making a large investment in renewing the fleet because there are some vehicles that are 20 years old and they cannot work with that high risk, so we will propose some improvements for the 2024 budget that I think are a priority", concluded the councillor. 

Cuevas also thanked the Guardia Civil, the local police and other security forces for their collaboration in evacuating the residents of Valtocado and extinguishing the fire as quickly as possible.

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