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Jueves 07/12/2023


The Town Hall calls on citizens to cooperate with the drought situation in a decree

  • Water saving measures will be activated with the aim of achieving at least a 20% reduction in water consumption
  • Se pide a los vecinos que hagan un uso responsable, solidario y eficiente del agua potable.

It includes a ban on the irrigation with drinking water of gardens, parks or green areas, public or private, as well as vegetable gardens and golf courses

The Mijas Town Hall has published a municipal decree dated 13th of November 2023 requesting the "widest cooperation" from citizens in the face of the situation of "scarcity, serious and exceptional drought" on the Western Costa del Sol declared by the Andalusian Regional Government. The objective is to activate water saving plans with the aim of reducing the urban water supply by at least 20%. For this reason, it asks residents to take into account a series of measures. 

These include the prohibition of irrigation with drinking water in gardens, parks or green areas, public or private, as well as vegetable gardens and golf courses; the prohibition of street, pavement or façade washing, public or private, and other urban uses, except those authorised for sanitary reasons; the prohibition of filling or refilling private swimming pools, as well as fountains and ornamental lakes, unless they have a recycling system; It is also forbidden to wash cars except in authorised establishments that have a water recycling and re-circulation system; public showers and pumps and to use water from hydrants and water hydrants without the express written authorisation of the supplying entity or the Town Hall, except in the event of fire. Finally, fountains for human consumption shall be used exclusively for this purpose, and any other use shall be restricted. 

Public awareness campaign
The Town Hall also agreed to launch an information campaign to raise awareness about the responsible use of water and to urge all citizens, as well as those responsible for public and private facilities, to make "responsible, supportive and efficient use of drinking water, checking for possible leaks and applying other measures to avoid unnecessary water consumption". 

The local administration, as reported in the notice, will monitor and evaluate the measures, and will not rule out taking more restrictive measures depending on the evolution of the drought situation. 

The decree will remain in force until a new decree is issued to annul it or the drought situation is declared to be over. The Town Hall "urges all citizens to cooperate in complying with these regulations".

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