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30 companies participate in the 1st Mijas International Business Fair

  • The meeting took place at the Play Mijas Restaurant and Events last Saturday 11th

Unos 30 stands se montaron en el Restaurante Play Mijas el sábado 11 con motivo de la I Feria Internacional de Negocios.

Ali Meehan (2ª izqda.), presidenta de Costa Women, colectivo organizador, y Katja Thirion (2ª dcha.), técnica del departamento de Extranjeros de Mijas.

Ana María Ignat Berget, copropietaria del Restaurante y Eventos Playa Mijas.

La feria contó con una gran variedad de negocios de sectores muy diversos.

Entre los participantes también estuvieron empresas del sector de la salud y servicios, como Helicópteros Santiarios.

MiMoana también instalón una mesa donde expuso las joyas que crean con el material que retiran de las playas durante sus limpiezas.

Las empresas aprovecharon la ocasión para darse a conocer y, por otro lado, conectar con otros negocios.

Cajamar, uno de los patrocinadores, también contó con una mesa informativa.

This is an initiative of Costa Women, with the collaboration of the Department of Foreigners of Mijas

Mijas is home to a large number of international companies that decide to start or expand their business in the municipality, among other reasons, because of the large population of foreign residents in the town or because of the location of the municipality in the centre of the Costa del Sol. Last Saturday 11th, this became clear at the first edition of the International Business Fair in Mijas, an initiative promoted by the Costa Women association with the collaboration of the Mijas Town Hall. "Since we all live in communities, we tend to do our shopping within communities and it is good that today we are discovering companies that are in Mijas, that we have not heard of until now. We have 30 companies here today, from insurance companies to cosmetics to jewellery. A very varied offer and there are also charitable associations, which we are happy to give a place to them in this fair", highlighted the president of Costa Women, Ali Meehan. 

"What we wanted is to create a platform where companies can also present themselves to the public, because today we have a wonderful day, and many families have come, they can have a coffee, enjoy the terraces and, at the same time, get to know the companies of Mijas", added Katja Thirion, technician of the Department for Foreigners of Mijas, who, in addition, encouraged national companies to participate: "it would be even nicer if we had more Spanish companies as well, that they also sign up, that they lose a little of that fear of this being an event only for foreigners, it's not about that, it's about integrating and collaborating all together". 

The fair was held at Play Mijas, a restaurant and event venue located in Mijas Costa, and was also open to the general public. "We are very happy because more and more people know us, in fact, our idea has always been to collaborate with this type of activities, we have bet on this area and we are seeing that people are also betting on us. We are very happy, to be honest", said Costel Calota, co-owner of Play Mijas. Georgina Fasciani, event organiser, said that "it is the first fair and the truth is that it was a challenge. It is going very well, a lot of people came, the sectors and activities are very varied and we are very happy". 

Making known, connecting and collaborating 
One of the objectives of the 1st International Business Fair was to raise awareness about the companies operating in the area and to create ties of connection and collaboration between them. Among the participating businesses, Play Mijas itself, the restaurant and event venue where this first edition was held, Ana María Ignat Berget, co-owner of the establishment, pointed out: "I am here today with three businesses, because I never want to get bored. One of the businesses is the restaurant here, Play, because I think it's very interesting that we should continue to play all our lives, with our ideas, with our senses... and with others, because when we connect like this, the magic comes out".

The large portfolio of registered businesses was surprising in this first edition, from those dedicated to jewellery, cosmetics, insurance, health or even banking institutions. "We offer a service on the Costa del Sol, a 24-hour home health service for any medical problem.  What we do is send a medical team with a fully medicalised ambulance with a doctor, a technician and a nurse, they will always be available by calling the switchboard", explained Mario Neville, from the commercial department of Helicópteros Sanitarios. Among the associations were Mijas Felina and MiMoana, the co-founder and president of the latter, Nikky Wegloop, recalled that "we have been doing underwater beach clean-ups every month since 2019, with what we collect we make jewellery, which is what we have here today, to sell it, thus collecting funds and continuing to do our clean-ups".

"For us it is the pillar right now, the businesses on the Coast, we believe it is the business fabric and not just tourism. Here, for example, today there is everything, we have been surprised by the diversity of shops, businesses, companies and entrepreneurs, everything they are telling us seems very interesting", said the area director of Cajamar, José Enebro, who also participated in the fair as a sponsor.

"It is very important for me that people shop locally because we are all guilty of buying 'online' as it is easier. But it's great that we support local businesses and the services they offer", concluded Costa Women president Ali Meehan.

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