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Mijas promotes itself as a sustainable destination at the World Travel Market

  • The municipality is committed to promoting its natural heritage

The mayoress, Ana Mata, announces that the key medium-term project to boost nature tourism is to finish the coastal path and link it to the 'Gran Senda'

The Mayoress of Mijas, Ana Mata (PP), together with a delegation from Mijas Tourism, has travelled to London to attend the World Travel Market, considered the most important international tourism fair. Her intention, as she explained, is to publicise the potential of the town as a sustainable and rural destination, as well as an ideal place to play golf as it has an important network of golf courses spread throughout the municipality.

In this regard, the mayor has reported on the campaign 'Mijas, rural and sustainable', which delves into publicizing what makes the Costa del Sol town a unique place in the world, given its architectural, historical and environmental peculiarities. 

"Mijas Pueblo is listed as a historic-artistic site. It is a white, Andalusian village with unique charm. In addition, it has a wide and varied gastronomic offer to which we must add that it is an area of artisan interest and can offer visitors a huge amount of handmade products made by local artisans and artists", explained the mayoress. 

This is one of the pillars of the campaign to which must be added the important natural heritage, where the network of self-guided trails, which offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the natural environment of Mijas, through a series of signposted routes that run along the southern slopes of the mountains and whose starting point is El Mirador de Mijas Pueblo. Interpretative panels installed along these routes also provide information of a natural, cultural and ethnological nature.

On the other hand, the mayoress has pointed out the importance of golf tourism for the municipality, as it entails the deseasonalisation and a continuous flow of national and international visitors throughout the year. In fact, she recalled that the municipality currently has 12 golf courses, the latest of which is linked to the La Zambra hotel, an establishment which boasts the category of five-star luxury. 

"Precisely, this hotel is the first option of the highest category that British tourists arriving at Malaga airport can find on the way. Golf is an essential element for the deseasonalisation of tourism, but not the only one. The Mijas Town Hall is committed and will continue to be committed to the growth and development of rural tourism", said Mata. 

The golf courses, according to the head of the Mijas Tourism Department, Juan Carlos Acebedo, are increasingly in demand by British tourists in the months considered to be the low season. "I would rule out seasonality because there are golf courses that sell up to 500 green fees in a single day, that's 500 rounds on a single golf course, multiply that by all the golf courses we have there. Even if they can't all have that amount, it means that there are between 3,500 and 4,000 golf outings a day during those months in our municipality", said Acebedo. 

Future plans
On the other hand, the councillor said that the government team is already working on strategic proposals for the tourism sector for 2024, as this industry is one of the main economic engines of the town, as well as a focus for attracting investment and job creation.

In this regard, she said that the design and development of the actions will take into account British tourists, who are increasingly looking for experiences linked to nature and a greater tendency towards sustainable products and destinations. In fact, it is a fact that in Mijas around 30% of the population is of British origin and tourists from the United Kingdom represent the main source market for foreign visitors.

To this end, the necessary contacts will be made with the Provincial Council of Malaga to complete the well-known coastal path and link it to the 'Gran Senda'. "Our star project in the medium term is the Coastal Path and the 'Gran Senda'. Mijas was the first municipality in which a section of the Coastal Path was implemented by the Malaga Provincial Council a few years ago. But for nearly eight years it has been stagnant", she said during her appearance at the World Travel Market.

The purpose, Mata continued, is to finish the pending sections, so that the whole of the coast of Mijas is has this infrastructure, thus linking the area with neighbouring municipalities.

Currently, of the eight sections into which this path is divided as it passes through the municipality, five are in use, but there are still more than 5 kilometres to be completed. Together with the local government, this project will be developed "as soon as possible, combining respect for the environment, care for the coasts and beaches and an incentive for active and sustainable tourism", according to the local government. 

"Not forgetting the 'Gran Senda', which runs through the interior of our mountains. Seeking a link between the Coastal Path and the Great Path must be one of our most immediate goals in order to continue progressing as a sustainable, natural and environmentally friendly municipality, as well as offering a great incentive to visitors", concluded Mata.

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