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The animals at the Entrerrios hostel undergo a routine check-up after the summer season

  • Almost 60 animals of different species live together in the Entrerríos shelter

Moment of the visit this Thursday to the hostel's farm.

Almost 60 animals of different species live together in the shelter in Entrerríos.

Along with the veterinarian responsible for these controls, the councillor for Education, Mariló Olmedo, confirmed that they are all in good health

The councillor for Hostels, Mariló Olmedo, visited the Entrerríos facilities this Thursday to accompany the vet checking the animals at the shelter to corroborate that they are kept in the best conditions after the summer season with the high temperatures and endless activities with the children who have visited the farm school during these months. "Today we have seen those routine controls such as analytical tests to be able to screen for diseases they may have and, fortunately, our animals are very healthy", said the councillor, adding that "occasional medical treatments are also carried out, as has been the case with our donkey, which had a small inflammation in her knee and is now recovered".

Javier Pinazo, the vet in charge of these check-ups, pointed out that "we carry out routine checks to ensure that they are well fed, that there is no outbreak of disease... We also carry out preventive deworming campaigns, the compulsory vaccinations required by law and, urgently, if any problem arises, we attend to them immediately". It should also be noted that all the animals are registered with the relevant administration and have their respective chip.

The Entrerríos shelter has a donkey, 9 sheep, 12 goats, 18 rabbits, 4 peacocks, 5 ducks, 4 hens, 1 rooster and 4 quails. All of them are monitored by the veterinary service and are looked after on a daily basis by the maintenance workers of these facilities. "Our vet also provides us with a diet adapted to each animal, depending on their physical activity and conditions. In this way, we provide different and adapted feeding control for each animal", Olmedo explains.

The animals have received special care during the summer from the children in Mijas who have spent their summer period at the shelter and have been able to feed and care for them under the supervision of the monitors, as well as raising awareness about respect for animals. The activities with animals not only provide an educational and fun aspect, but also help in the emotional support of all those around them, encouraging respect for pets.

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