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Viernes 29/09/2023


The camping area at the racecourse is full during the Cala Mijas festival

  • Many visitors to this musical event have decided to stay in the camping and glamping areas set up at this location

The glamping area of the Cala Mijas Festival is a place for young and not so young people to enjoy

More than 3,500 spaces are available in the camping area

Until Sunday, the racecourse will be the place to rest and relax for hundreds of people coming from different parts of Spain and abroad

In addition to the Sonora venue, another of the most popular places since Thursday and throughout the weekend is the Costa del Sol Racecourse, which once again offers accommodation options in camping and glamping areas. It is doing so with resounding success, as in a short time all the places have been sold out. 

This morning we met some of the users who are staying overnight in these areas. Alejandra Rebollo arrived last night, "it was quite a long journey, because we are from Alicante, we changed trains in Madrid and then from Malaga to Mijas, but I think it will be worth it". Her friend, Ángel González, was also very excited to attend this festival for the first time "because last year we saw on social networks that it was very well liked and we were also impressed by the line-up of concerts, so we had to be here".

Like them, we found many other young and not so young people who this year have decided to come down to the south of Spain to enjoy the good music offered by Cala Mijas, among them Gino Pavone, who said he knows this festival "because we went to the BBK, which is within the same circuit, and we really like electronic music such as indie, so we think that this weekend is going to be cool. We feel like we're going to come back and we haven't seen anything yet, so it's looking good. 

It seems that the camping and glamping areas set up at the racecourse have also attracted festival-goers, in fact, this year the festival has been sold out early. "The camping tents are very good, although it's a bit hot, but it's nice with the air and, anyway, now we're going to the beach", said Itziar Espadas, explaining that she came "tricked by a friend but the festival line-up is very strong and it's going to be very cool". 

Until Sunday, the racecourse will be the place to rest, relax and wash up for hundreds of people from all over Spain and abroad. From here they can travel by shuttle bus to the La Cala beach and, of course, to the Sonora area, although I am sure that many of them will also take advantage of their free time to go sightseeing and get to know Mijas.

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