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The second Strategic Tourism Plan is open for contributions from the sector

  • The document, which is being drawn up by the Malaga University, will be valid for five years and will include new trends and ways of travelling
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The project starts with the 'active listening' phase, in which all the agents that make up the guild and the representatives of the corporation will take part

On Wednesday morning, the councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (Cs), received the director of the University Institute for Research and Tourism Intelligence and Innovation of the UMA, Enrique Navarro, as well as representatives of the different political groups of the municipality, to hold a working meeting where the team in charge of the development of the new Strategic Plan for Tourism in Mijas has been in contact with the municipal corporation studying the contributions of each of them, as well as showing the evaluation of the previous project. 

"We are now entering the phase of active listening to groups, political parties, businesses and professionals in the sector because everyone has a say in tourism, as it affects many sectors in a transversal manner. Our aim is to modernise the 2018 plan with the necessary updates for the new reality of our municipality, especially after the pandemic", said the councillor, who stressed that "today we are once again beginning a participatory stage where all the agents and professionals in the sector will be able to voice their concerns, needs and ideas so that, together, we can ensure that this economic engine of the city works better every day and, especially, generates jobs and wealth". 

The Strategic Plan for Tourism in Mijas has, a priori, a new feature such involving the duration, as this time it will be for five years (2023-2028). Also, prior to this phase of 'active listening', the working team of the new plan has carried out an evaluation of the previous one which, despite COVID, has reached close to the halfway point of implementation. "We are already working on the main strategic lines. We are clear that we have to focus on micro-segments. Mijas is already a consolidated destination, so we have to go for 'surgeon' operations. We also have to align ourselves with the rest of the cities of the Costa del Sol and their strategies", said Navarro, who added that, "although in the previous document we proposed some initiatives on 'sun and beach' tourism and blue tourism, now we are going to reinforce them to go, in turn, in line with the Junta and the Next Generation funds, because in this way we can seek funding for our actions. 

Among the issues that the UMA launches in its 'active listening' to the agents and professionals of the sector for further study, are the opinions on the positive and negative impacts of tourism, what projects they consider should be developed, the type and profile of tourist they think is most suitable for the city, if they consider that the collaboration between tourism and commerce is close, as well as the main goals, among other points that can help in the development of this plan in a realistic and participatory manner.


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