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Mijas will celebrate the X Walk "Life without Smoke is Better"

  • The activity is organised as part of the World No Smoking Day events
  • The activity is organised as part of World No Smoking Day

It will take place on May 31st departing from the San Valentín square in Las Lagunas

On the occasion of World No Smoking Day, the Mijas Town Hall, the Health District and various associations are organising the 10th Walk "Life without Smoke is Better". In this edition, they are seeking the complicity of young people from secondary schools to raise awareness about healthy lifestyle habits. According to professionals, new smoking formulas, such as vapers or hookahs, have become established among the younger population, but they are still dangerous.  Miguel Gallardo, president of the Federation of AMPAS (Parents' Associations) of the Costa del Sol, which is collaborating in the event, says "we want families to be aware of prevention in the use of tobacco, vapes and hookahs, which is always harmful. People think they are harmless, and nothing could be further from the truth. 

For this reason, offering real and contrasted information, approaching younger people and showing healthy habits are the new methods of combating smoking on World No Smoking Day. On the 31st of May, the X Walk 'Without Smoke Life is Better', will start at 10 in the morning from the Plaza de San Valentín and will go through part of the centre of Las Lagunas. It will finish at around 13:30 at the Don Elías farmhouse, where an information table will also be set up. 

For her part, the councillor for Health, Candela León (Cs), said that "in Las Lagunas we wanted to make a change, to promote healthy living among the students of the high schools in Las Lagunas. What we are going to do is to walk through the streets of Las Lagunas beginning at San Valentín square and then we will carry out an activity with music to get the body moving with zumba". The Director of Public Health of the Costa del Sol Health District, Carolina Calero, assured that "it is an activity that is carried out at the level of the whole district. All the municipalities in the district will also participate in a synchronised way on the 31st May in the walks". 

Collaborating organisations

The activity has the support of several other associations such as Fida International, the Spanish Association Against Cancer and the Red Cross. All those who wish to participate are invited to wear a white T-shirt and walk the route. Elise Poikkeus, collaborator of Fida, stated that "we see that it is very important to work with adolescents and young people because this is the age where they make very important decisions that affect the rest of their lives". Antonela Ramírez, from the same association, also stated that "they will find stands where we will try to provide information in a clear and precise manner so that young people can understand it, adapted to all ages". The AECC Fuengirola-Mijas is also collaborating, and its vice-president, Paloma Gómez, assured that "we always collaborate to put a lot of emphasis on trying to eradicate the consumption of tobacco, bongs and everything that involves inhaling harmful smoke".

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