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Culture and hiking with the Virgen de la Peña Pensioners' Association

  • The group is now preparing a trip to do the Camino de Santiago in July
  • Some of the participants in the visit to the museum, which was attended by 50 people

More than 50 people visit the Málaga Museum and around 25 go hiking in the Sierra de Mijas

The senior citizens of Las Lagunas do not stop for a moment with the large number of activities available to them. On this occasion, thanks to the organisation of the Association of Retired Persons and Pensioners Virgen de la Peña, the seniors went on two outings last week. The first was to the Museum of Malaga, located in the Aduana building, on the 11th of May. "We filled a whole bus with 50 people interested in visiting the museum. The activity has been a success, so we are going to continue visiting other museums in Malaga such as the Pompidou or the Tabacalera", said the president of the seniors' association, Juan Cruz. 

This group also organised a hiking trip in the Sierra de Mijas on Saturday 13th of May. "We have to prepare ourselves because we are going to do the Camino de Santiago. Being in shape is the best way to take care of our health," said Cruz, who noted that around 25 seniors participated in this 16-kilometre route, which ran through the foothills of the mountains to reach Alhaurín and visit the Acebuche fountain. The outdoor activity was applauded by the seniors, who are eager to hike through their mountains. 

Forthcoming activities

The 'Asociación de Jubilados y Pensionistas Virgen de la Peña' is going to organise a get-together at El Esparragal on the 8th of June. The group will first walk to the park, starting from the Diversity roundabout, to keep active and fit. Invitations can be collected from Tuesday 23rd, and will be free for all members up to date with their payments. After the walk, lunch will be served at 14:00, with a menu consisting of chips and olives, lettuce with anchovies, gazpacho, a plate of tripe and ice cream plus a drink. 

In addition, the association is planning to do the Camino de Santiago from Sarria. It will take place from the 1st to the 8th of July, at a cost of 745 euros. Registrations are already open. The route includes travel by bus to Sarria. Route by stages with stops in Portomarín, Palas del Rei, Arzúa, Rúa and arrival in Santiago. Afterwards, they will visit Plasencia and return to Malaga. Those interested can find more information about the upcoming activities at the headquarters of the association, next to the Pensioners' Centre in Las Lagunas.


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