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  • The Hotel was inaugurated in 1972 and meant a ‘before & after’ for Mijas Village |


Hotel Mijas, a municipal landmark for 50 years

The hotel complex, located at the entrance of Mijas Pueblo and currently owned by the TRH chain, celebrated its 50th anniversary a few months ago

July 13th, 1972, that was the date on which the provincial media reported the inauguration of an establishment, which to this day, is part of the history of the municipality. We are talking about the Hotel Mijas, a tourist complex located at the entrance of Mijas Village, which last July celebrated 50 years at the service of tourists and locals. The history of this hotel begins in 1969 when the Minister for Information and Tourism at that time, Manuel Fraga Iribarne, during his visit to the village for the presentation of a project, laid the first stone of this building which today has a four star rating and boasts 200 rooms, 4 suites, a restaurant, swimming pool, a wellness centre and spa, a tennis court and a solarium. Hotel Mijas was inaugurated by its first owners Jorge Salviche and Gregor Mai and practically since its first guest stayed there, until a few months ago, it has been the only hotel in the village. It is an emblematic place that was always a synonym for exclusivity. The hotel is currently managed by Félix Reyes, who began his career there over thirty years ago working as reception assistant and he was appointed as manager in 2011.  As Reyes explained, “the opening of the hotel marked a ‘before and after’ for Mijas in general, not only for the village”. During the 70s, the municipality began to welcome the first tourists, although all the attention was being paid to other locations in the province such as Marbella. However, even then, Hotel Mijas boasted the title ‘Distinción española’ (Spanish Distinction) in its name. “Although many events have taken place during these fifty years, this complex has only had to close its doors twice: when the extension was undertaken in 2002 and during the pandemic. However, it has always been a company that has boosted and promoted tourism and made the municipality known, thanks to events and activities that became popular outside the village, such as the famous afternoon tea”, explained Reyes. ‘Afternoon tea’ was served every afternoon at 16:00 hours in one of the hotel’s lounges where, following protocol, tea and pastries were served to guests, all for the price of 695 pesetas. This special event, which was even advertised at the time in Vogue magazine, was intended to make the British tourists feel at home, with clients from other municipalities attending every afternoon. The hotel’s activity has always had a direct impact on the village. When the hotel is fully booked, it is very noticeable in shops and restaurants in the sorroundings.