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‘Mijas, rural & sustainable’, commitment of the city at Fitur for 2023

  • The mayor, Josele González (centre), with the councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (right), and the director of the Mijas Tourist Office, Juan Carlos Acevedo |

Hiking trails, typical Andalusian village, gastronomy and handicrafts are the main attractions to be promoted at the tourism fair

At Fitur, under the slogan ‘Mijas, rural and sustainable’, the municipality will focus on this growing segment, which has positioned the Mijas tourist destination at the forefront of this type of holidays. The new strategy to be presented in Madrid is based on four pillars: the hiking routes through the mountains, the typical Andalusian village, the gastronomy and the handicrafts. 

This was announced last Thursday 12th by the mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), and the first deputy mayor and councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (Cs). The mayor stated that “we are going to convey a traditional image of our municipality at Fitur, especially aimed at highlighting not only the gastronomy and culture of Mijas, but also something as important as the fact that we are the only area of artisan interest in the province of Malaga”. The councillor for Tourism added that “nature, related to the trails through the mountains and our seaside, traditional cuisine, the aforementioned handicrafts and, of course, our village, the white village with its cultural and artistic wealth, fit perfectly into the profile of tourists seeking rural destinations”.

There are many unique features that Mijas has to offer within the region. According to the mayor, “perhaps one of the special features that the municipality can offer on the Costa del Sol, in contrast to the other municipalities in the surrounding area, is the fact that it is a historical artistic site, visiting a white village like ours, enjoying our natural landscapes, our hiking trails, our people and, above all, disconnecting from everyday life, which is precisely what holidays and days off are all about”.


Breaking seasonality

In addition, according to councillor Martin, rural tourism is a great ally to break the seasonality and “that also makes it a commitment on which to build, what we know as ‘getaways’ which are the best instrument to continue with accommodation, restaurants and shops which are still in operation outside the summer season, meaning that the economy is energized. As well as this, we cannot forget that Mijas is also receiving recognition from agencies and websites related to rural tourism that positions us at an important starting point”.

The Mijas delegation has everything ready to disembark at the Fitur Tourism Fair, which will take place in Madrid next week from the 18th to the 22nd of January. 

Once again, the stand promoting Mijas will be located under the Costa del Sol brand, always with the main objective of breaking new records with regard to tourism in our municipality. 

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