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Martes 28/03/2023


Estepona street in La Cala opens to traffic after its complete refurbishment

  • Estepona street in La Cala opens to traffic after its complete refurbishment |

The work involved the renovation of the pavements and supply networks, as well as the installation of LED lighting systems

Estepona Street in La Cala de Mijas opened last Wednesday 11th to traffic. The reopening took place following the completion of a refurbishment that has involved the installation of new elements, such as more efficient LED lights, the renovation of the pavement and new sewage and supply networks. The councillor for Infrastructures and Works, José Carlos Martín (Cs), explained that the street was opened  “on the day of the Three Kings’ parade for the transit of vehicles and pedestrians” and that there are still some minor works to be carried out, such as “planting some trees, which is what the workers are doing now”. The deputy mayor also wanted to thank the residents for their patience during this work, which began at the end of last September and has meant an investment of 175,000 euros for the municipal coffers. The comprehensive reform of this road “was a necessity” for La Cala de Mijas, “above all, because of what was not seen and that was precisely the sanitation problems that this area had. When we had to divide the sewage network into two new networks, one exclusively for rainwater and the other for sewage, we took the opportunity to carry out the integral remodelling of this entire street”, explained Martín. 


New networks

The street now has a separate rainwater and sewage network that will allow for more effective evacuation of rainwater, as the area was a black point for flooding in the town, a problem that has already been solved in areas such as Los Cordobeses and other parts of the municipality such as the water park, the area around the Las Lagunas Health Centre and Las Cañadas, among others. New water supply, street lighting, electricity and telecommunications networks have also been installed. In addition to these substantial improvements to the subsurface, on the street surface architectural barriers have been removed and the typical flooring characteristic of the municipality has been installed so that the aesthetic consistency of the historic centre of La Cala is maintained. 

“For us, all residents of the town are equal regardless of their degree of mobility, so we work every day so that they can move through the streets of Mijas on equal terms in a more accessible town”, said Martin. 

On the other hand, the new LED lights will allow “greater energy savings as well as economic efficiency”. “This street is going to gain in light quality so it also gains in safety”, added the first deputy mayor.

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