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Small agricultural enterprises will have to report the burning of garden waste

  • To the Town Hall
  • The councillor for the Environment in Mijas, Arancha López |

Through the municipal website, in the Environment section, or by contacting the Fire Brigade directly

The councillor for the Environment at the Mijas Town Hall, Arancha López (Cs), reminded on Wednesday the 11th that since the 2nd of January, small farming exploitations  can carry out controlled stubble burning as long as they inform the Mijas Town Hall beforehand. They can do so via a form available on the municipal website, which can be found in the Environment section, or by contacting the Mijas Fire Brigade directly. 

López insisted that “these burnings are only permitted within the authorised period, between the 1st of November and the 30th of April”. 

The councillor also indicated that the timetable established for this burning activity is from 08:00 to 16:00 hours, any day of the week, except for in the cases of those plots located near educational centres, “when it can only be done on weekends, to prevent the smoke from reaching the schools”. 

However, the councillor insisted that “it is always recommended that this agricultural waste be disposed of using other types of treatments, such as using it for composting”. 

As for the burns, López listed some of the preventive measures that favour fire control “such as creating a safety perimeter of at least 10 metres to prevent the spread of the fire and always ensuring that extinguishing measures such as water or fire extinguishers are available and close by”. 

Likewise, the owners of these plots should have the communication document at hand in case any authority should require it. “All the information is available on our municipal website and on our social networks, where we have uploaded an explanatory video so that residents know how to process this notification”, reported the councillor. 

Furthermore, Arancha López clarified that this communication measure is only aimed at owners of small farms, as the owners of large plots of land will have to continue processing thes burnings through the ‘Junta de Andalucía’ (Andalusian Government), “as established by Law 30/2022, of the 23rd of December, which regulates the management of the Common Agricultural Policy”. 

Finally, the head of the Environment Council asked the public to exercise “maximum caution when carrying out these burnings, because we cannot forget that our municipality is located in an area of high risk for forest fires and that we have an abundance of trees and woodland, so we must take the maximum precautions to avoid any kind of fire-related problems”.

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