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The Tapas Route will also come to Las Lagunas

  • The Tourism Department and the Federation of associations of Las Lagunas are already planning this initiative
  • The Tourism Department and the Federation of associations of Las Lagunas are already planning this initiative, in which 13 establishments will be present |

On Friday, 7th September, a tapas testing was carried out, and we found carrilladas (spicy stewed pork), provoleta or Spanish potato omelettes

Quality, flavour, presentation, and quantity were tested in the event. These were the main points that the tasters judged in these dishes, thirteen to be precise. Las Lagunas Tapas Route, soon to be opened to the public. "The tapa has to be good in general. Otherwise it's no good, no matter how well it looks. If it's good and looks nice, it's even better because it appeals to the eye. Some are bound to improve, and the rest will get a high score", says one of the two tasters, Cristóbal Gallego, after tasting the different proposals. He is accompanied in this tasty task by Alicia Jiménez, who affirms that "I have seen much finer presentations compared to previous occasions. Also, the flavour works well, and there is a great range of tapas. There are no tapas repeated from previous editions".

The route will include original and traditional tapas according to today's tasting. " Some have surprised us, and others are at standard, traditional level, such as pork that is well stewed. Not everything has to be carrot foam, but traditional tapas also work, and, in the end, that's what we like," says Gallego. "In Mijas Pueblo, the tapas were great, but they are getting better and better. We are going to get to a point where we are going to have Michelin stars", Jiménez points out with a laugh.

  • These are the main points that tasters take into account when assessing these dishes: quality, flavour, presentation, and quantity were tested |

The project is cooked with good ingredients and over a slow fire, as you can see. Soon, we will know the date of this gastronomic route promoted by the Las Lagunas Traders Association and the Mijas Tourism Department of the Mijas Town Hall. Its head, José Carlos Martín (Cs), also present at this tasting, added that "the reason for these tastings is to act as a filter, to analyse how they come or what can be improved so that the quality of the product in which we participate, both the businessmen and the Town Hall, meets the expectations of the citizens who come to try these tapas and, obviously, they repeat year after year".

  • Among the proposals is this provoleta |

The initiative's roadmap is the same as that of Mijas Pueblo: to boost the local economy and create another tourist attraction in this town. "We also want to offer a tourist attraction in a period that is not very touristy, such as these dates in October, November, and December. We want to attract visitors and, of course, stimulate the economy," concluded the Councillor.

Be sure to try these dishes: provoleta, carrillada (stewed spicy pork cheeks), tortilla de patatas (potato omelette) or filetes rusos ( fried spiced minced meat), as this route, say the tasters, will also leave us with a good flavour in our mouths.

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