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Martes 26/09/2023


The works for the two new roundabouts on the Mijas road reach their final stages

  • The Mijas Town Hall expects both roundabouts to be fully operational next week |

The Infrastructure and Works Councillor, José Carlos Martín, announces that from Wednesday 18th, the asphalting work will begin and will affect traffic

Work on the two roundabouts on the Mijas Pueblo road (A-387) as it passes through the urbanisations of La Loma, Pueblo Don Silverio and Haza del Algarrobo is coming to an end. The First Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Infrastructures and Works, José Carlos Martín (Cs) warned the asphalting work begins tomorrow, which means that there will be slow traffic in the area for the next three days. "We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this work may cause. Once the road surface is finished, users will be able to use these two new infrastructures that are so beneficial for this sector, both for road safety and traffic flow", said the Councillor. He added that " Mijas residents who wish to do so can take alternative routes or different routes to avoid traffic jams for the next 72 hours".

Thus, these two roundabouts have had an investment of 739,689 euros. They will enter into full-service next week, offering the option of changing direction for vehicles that, until now, had to turn around at the motorway roundabout or the Aldi roundabout. "We are committed to the local mobility in a demand that the residents have been asking for historically. We are now providing a solution to these projects. Besides the danger, users could only turn around at two points, and the road had no intersections for more than 1,200 metres, so many users were making dangerous crossings in a continuous line", adds Martín.

Similarly, the First Deputy Mayor has valued "the works carried out in the last six years in the area. El Lagarejo bridge has meant a turning point for all the residents of the area who no longer have to go to El Coto to join the Mijas road or the motorway, and reinforced by the Lomas del Real road, also built five years ago".

Urban planning modifications
The two roundabouts, one in the south and one in the north, in Pueblo Don Silverio area and the industrial warehouses (Pks 15+950 and 16+265), are now finalised. To carry out these projects, it has been necessary to execute the relevant urban planning modifications and agreements with the affected landowners. All these works help not only the residents but also the entrepreneurs who have their businesses in the area.

Finally, it is worth remembering these actions are carried out thanks to the Mijas Town Council obtaining road ownership in 2018. The government team can act without waiting for sectoral reports from other administrations. A project of this magnitude has a long time to be carried out, and it would have been longer, if there were other institutions involved.

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