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Jueves 07/07/2022


La Cala First Neighbourhood Board Meeting

  • Security in the seaside village and surrounding urbanisations was the central meeting topic
  • The meeting took place in the La Cala Mayor's Office assembly hall.

Issues such as crime during the summer season and squatting were discussed

The La Cala Neighbourhood Council held one of its first meetings on Thursday, the 12th, focusing on security. Officers from the Local Police and the Guardia Civil took part in this meeting to respond to the main concerns of those present. During the encounter, issues such as security in the urbanisations and the possible increase in crime during the summer season were discussed. As explained by the Councillor for Citizen Participation, Tamara Vera (PSOE), it was the residents themselves who chose to discuss this issue "and asked the security officers to be present to be asked questions firsthand. They wanted to find out how La Cala is in terms of security, what situations can be improved, and which ones need to continue claiming, all for the benefit of our municipality".

In this sense, the Vice President of the La Cala Neighbourhood Board, Manuela Gómez, added that "there are certain issues that generate many doubts, such as what to do in case of theft, who should we call to, what advice we can get now, that it is time to go to the beach, and crime is on the rise, and so on".

Another matter that also generated debate was that of squatting, "as there are already cases of squatting and break-ins in our area, and it is something that causes us great concern", said Domingo Ariza, Miraflores Community of Neighbours administrator.  Meanwhile, its president, Úrsula Karlsson, announced that "the residents of Sirius Street are suffering from a big squatting problem".

Statistics were provided on different police actions related to security during the afternoon.

The distribution of police officers patrolling our municipality was also discussed and, in terms of traffic, issues related to parking and the pedestrianisation of certain streets were considered. The meeting was attended by Socialist Councillors from the government team, and PP Mijas Councillors.

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