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Mijas supports Alzheimer

  • On Tuesday 21st, the municipality joined the commemoration of World Alzheimer’s Day with various events
  • You can join the 1,000 members challenge by contacting AFAM

Affam attends to almost thirty patients regulary at the day centre

According to the Spanish Society of Neurology, the number of undiagnosed cases of dementia can reach around 30%, patients who are left without a pharmacological and therapeutic treatment, which undoubtedly makes the disease worse. That is why on September 21st, World Alzheimer’s Day, the Spanish Alzheimer’s Confederation (Ceafa) put the accent on this claim.

The Association of Relatives of Patients with Alzheimer’s of Mijas (AFAM), joined the chosen motto this year and expanded it, taking on a challenge. “We say ‘Zero omissions. Zero Alzheimer’s, join our association and become our partner ’because with a small monthly donation, if we manage to make 1,000 members in Mijas we would achieve some stability”, said the vice president of AFAM, María del Rosario Cabello.

Despite the complications and limitations, Cabello pointed out, AFAM continues to attend to almost thirty users at its day centre and they intend to reach more with the launch of new workshops.

“We are starting our cognitive stimulation workshop aimed at the entire population; Anyone can attend, with the aim of stimulating our minds”, highlighted the director of the AFAM Day Centre, María del Carmen López.

Support from the Mijas Town Hall
It will be at the facilities of the Open University on Calle Muro where these workshops will be held. The City Council of Mijas has ceded this space to the group, to which this year it has also allocated the amount of 60,000 euros. This was stated by the councillor for Social Services, Hipólito Zapico (PSOE), who assured that “we are possibly the only Town Hall in the province that donates a grant for this amount to an association of these characteristics”.

The mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), also joined by highlighting the work they carry out. “I join the call, for our part, we will continue to collaborate giving visibility to the group, users and families, helping financially with this subsidy or helping from other departments”, said the mayor.

AFAM went out again with its information tables and aiming to achieve the challenge. The Volunteering area also continues with its effort to reinforce the work it does, and the councillor responsible for the area, Mariló Olmedo (Cs), said: “I encourage all people who want to contribute their time and work to support this association to become volunteers by sending an email to voluntariado@mijas.es and I also encourage everyone to become partners and thus fulfill the challenge”.

If you want to join the challenge, you can contact the Association of Relatives of Patients with Alzheimer’s of Mijas (AFAM).

They ask all to please not let this disease fall into oblivion.

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