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A route through the craft workshops

  • Some of the artisans participating in the route presented the initiative on Thursday 17th with the councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín.

Tourism presents a tour intended to value and promote the traditional crafts and trades that are developed in our village, which has 19 artisan workshops

On Thursday 17th, a new edition of the Route of Artisan Workshops of Mijas was presented, an initiative of the Department for Tourism in collaboration with the Association of Artisans of Mijas. “We have been betting on this segment and tourist attraction for many years, in fact we are a reference in this, and the objective is twofold; on the one hand, to promote and value each one of the trades and workshops that exist in the municipality, which are very rare and, on the other hand, to make them known among neighbours and tourists who visit us”, explained the councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (Cs), who added:  “we are privileged because we have magnificent workshops where quality products are made by hand”.

To promote the different workshops, a triptych has been published with a map with each of their locations. “Everything that is organised, no matter how small, is received with great enthusiasm and what everyone wants is to carry out their work normally and we hope that, as in previous years, this initiative will be well received by tourists”, declared the councillor for Tourism.

It should be noted that Mijas was declared an Area of ​​Artisanal Interest at the end of 2018 and it has a total of 19 artisan workshops. “In addition to the number of artisans who converge in Mijas, which is important, we must also highlight the quality of their products, and we have a wide range of trades and products, each with its own singularity”, declared Martín.

Likewise, the Strategic Tourism Plan prepared by the Local Council addresses handicrafts as one of its main characteristics and tourist reference in the municipality, since with the passage of time this type of trades is being lost and very few places in the world have these spaces and Mijas is one of them. “From the Local Government, we want to collaborate and help to promote and pamper them, taking care of our craftspersons because they are part of our heritage”, concluded the councillor.

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