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Viernes 29/09/2023


Galán (CA): “Our priority will be to open the Town Hall to the citizens of Mijas”

  • Favio Galán, Con Andalucía-Unidas Con Mijas

A commitment to the “remunicipalisation” of the cleaning service

Con Andalucía-Unidas Con Mijas is a coalition made up of different parties: Podemos, Más País, Izquierda Unida, Equo, Iniciativa del Pueblo Andaluz, Alianza Verde and independents. 

Mijas Weekly: Did you find it difficult to choose candidates and proposals? 

Favio Galán: No. There were many points we had in common and, from there, there were already negotiations, drafting the programme and reaching an agreement. It has not been an extremely complicated task.

M.W. What is the basis of this common project? 

F.G. We are united by our commitment to citizenship and we are hard-working people. In meetings with different associations, we have detected that the basic needs of the citizens are the ones we suffer. We are ‘normal people’. 

M.W. The coalition defines itself as progressive, feminist and a defender of public service.

F.G. These are our three main axes. Progressive because we are left-wing parties; one of the main flags we carry is feminism and, another, the defence of public services.

M.W. You consider it necessary to open the Town Hall to citizens.

F.G. Yes, it is a demand from the neighbourhood. The Town Hall or the government team in recent terms of office has distanced itself from the citizens and there is no fluid communication, with the result that the demands of the residents are either not attended to or take a long time to be attended to. 

M.W. You propose to improve parking, cleanliness... 

F.G. Cleanliness is a demand among residents in the neighbourhoods and in the outskirts. Our objective in the future will be to remunicipalise the cleaning service and urban waste collection, but while this is being implemented, we will have to demand that the company’s work plan and workers’ rights are respected... With regard to car parks, there are important areas, such as Las Lagunas, which have grown a lot. We have to build car parks and look for the best places so as not to generate problems with the neighbours, as has happened in Doña Ermita. Everything will be included in a general plan that we are going to implement with a mobility study. We should start to remove cars from circulation and go towards what Europe was asking for, which is a much greener agenda, but for that we need that, if the neighbour has to park his car, he has a safe place to park it near his house, that public transport works properly, that there is a network of bicycle lanes.

M.W. The environment is also a priority.

F.G. Indeed, we have it in the DNA of our parties. 

M.W. Security is equally important for you.

F.G. We have to have preventive security and part of that preventive security is to bring back our old neighbourhood policemen who knew their neighbours.

M.W. How is the election campaign going? 

F.G. With great enthusiasm. The final stretch is beginning to weigh a little, but because we are combining it with our work, but we feel very well received.

M.W. Would the coalition pact?

F.G. Inevitably we will make a pact. We will sit down with all the political forces and agree on a government pact, probably with those who are closest to our objectives.

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