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Jueves 09/12/2021


Junta to invest 32.000 euros for the Costa del Sol Hotel digitalisation project

  • This grant aims at improving tourist companies’ competitiveness through the use of the latest technologies
  • Nuria Rodríguez (Cs), Tourism delegate of the Junta, has visited the Vik Gran Hotel Costa del Sol accompanied by the Councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martin (Cs)

The hotel has used this grant to improve communication between different departments and the check-in process, among other projects

The Junta de Andalucía has invested 32.000 euros in improving the digital management of the Vik Gran Hotel Costa del Sol in La Cala de Mijas. This grant is part of a project which aims at helping tourist companies to implement Information and Communication Technologies (TIC), especially those which are located in well-known tourist destinations along the coast of Andalucía, Mijas being one of them.
Nuria Rodríguez, delegate of the Andalucia Tourist Department in Málaga, explained that so far this year, “the Government of Andalucía has approved twenty of these grants for the province of Málaga, with a total of 615.000 euros”. One of the companies which have benefited from this project is Vik Gran Hotel Costa del Sol, receiving 32.097 euro (100% of the project) in order to improve its competitiveness through the use of new technologies. Included in this project is the use of a new software which improves communication between the different departments and a new check-in system for clients arriving to the hotel, “avoiding long queues and waiting time, thus offering a better-quality service”, highlighted Rodríguez.
Regarding these improvements, Elisabeth Jiménez, who is part of the administration team at this hotel in La Cala, said that “this auto-checking system is making it much easier for clients arriving to the hotel, as they can access to the installations without having to wait for a receptionist”.
Another improvement carried out at this 4-star hotel in La Cala – with over 300 rooms – is the installation of a new interactive informative panel next to one of the restaurants which, according to the Tourism Delegate, “will provide clients with information on services offered by the hotel, as well as touristic attractions they can visit during their stay”.
Support for Administrations
The Councillor for Tourism in Mijas, José Carlos Martín (Cs), who was also attending this visit to the Vik Gran Hotel Costa del Sol, highlighted the support that the administration is giving to private companies in order to reactivate the tourist sector, our main economic industry, which has been greatly affected by the pandemic. “At the Town Hall of Mijas we have also done our part with the Cometha Plan, which will support companies from the hotel industry with a subsidy of 1.8 million euros, showing the importance of this industry for all of us”.
On the other hand, Martín also commented on the general increase in the number of visitors in our municipality, both national and international, in the past few months, “although we are now working on the Asian market, trying to bring it back from the month of March onwards, which is when they open their tourist packets for reservation. But, generally speaking, little by little we are returning to normality”, said the Councillor.

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